Week 3 Games

Last night’s “Baron von Richtoven Game of the Week” was entertaining. FSU and Louisville lit up the scoreboard.

Utes cover the three touchdown spread.


Oof. Nebraska fans are bad at looking at past references:

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Gameday @ App St sign contest winner this week…

The TAMU logo…”The only aTm that pays out $1.5 million.”



That one is good.


Man, they are collectively idjits if they are actually saying that. I mean, we al know here at Utah that we dodged a massive bullet getting rid of him before he could fatally infect the program with his insidious plague [words chosen quite intentionally].


My Local school starting to pull away from P5 Indiana in Bloomington. Early games have been :sleeping:


Guess our going to a car show instead of watching early games was a good decision. FWIW, saw a bunch of 55, 56, and 57 Bel Airs. Some looked really good, some just good. A couple looked damned near spectacular.

Should’ve taken pictures, but my phone memory would’ve been full in no time.


Missed the first games, too. Was busy getting my shed leveled.

It’s amazing how much an earthquake can cause things to settle unevenly,

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Oregon 24 zoobs 7

Has been a delight to watch.


hopefully this will immediately stifle the insanely ridiculous idea that BYU is worthy of a rankkng that high… At least we played very hard in an arguably muchj worse place, only shooting ourselves inthe foot. I greatly admire Kalani, but right now BYU is STILL coasting on its ridiculously inflated record from 2020 etc.


Uh…Oregon is kicking The Why?'s arse. But you probably already know that.


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Wasn’t UCLA supposed to be the “dark horse” pick in the P12? They barely squeaked by South Alabama on a last minute FG.

Also had a stellar home crowd. :joy:

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One thing from today…

Georgia is insanely, scary good - that is all.

UCLA looks not as good as expected, and Wazzu looks quite a bit better.


Here’s one of interest, mostly because of how bad the Jayhawks have been in recent years.

At the start of the 4th qtr Kansas is beating Houston 28-14. Not too bad for the Jayhawks.

I totally forgot that Jayden Daniels transferred to LSU.

Dude still looks like one hard hit will snap him in half.


How about the App State win today? Hail Mary ftw. Well executed, or probably more accurately one hell of a bounce.

That was worth cheering for.

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Jason Shelley with a TD as Missouri State is putting it to Arkansas.

Ugh, Tech is making their game and NC State interesting for all the wrong reasons.