Week 13 Football Thread

Well, it has been a good start…

The Egg Bowl ends with enough controversy to keep Mississippi and Mississippi State at one another for the next year. Oh, and it was a lateral the striped shirts squirreled the call on.

The Gators - Seminoles game should’ve been named “The Track Meet in Tallahassee” this year. Lots of points, not a lot of defense.

The Battle of the Bears went as expected with UCLA beating Cal.

Will any surprises happen today? Wait and see.

Flags are up, leftovers are warming - except the turkey. That’s for my turkey sandwiches. :wink:


I suppose I could add this here, even though it has more of an effect next season.

In a, not so surprise move, Nebraska will hire Matt Rhule as their next HC. I fully expected this when he was fired by the Panthers.

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Freeze to Auburn and Primetime to CU both picking up steam. I perosnally don’t think either is a great fit, but maybe Deion is a good match for NIL workings.

I think Freeze to Auburn is a better fit than Deion to CU. Deion at CU just seems like a fish out of water. If it happens, it will be interesting to watch, but it just seems an odd fit to me.

Freeze to Auburn on the other hand, seems to be hand in glove type of fit IMO. Perhaps I’m wrong and don’t understand the culture at Auburn.

True, Freeze was forced out of SEC due to his affair stuff, but they were trying to show Harsin was doing similar, so clear it’s all about the wins. The admin just is not good and is paying all sorts of buyouts. Freeze will last a few years like the rest with 6-8 wins a year which isn’t good enough during the Bama dynasty.

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If Colorado were smart, they’d be courting Eric Bienemy for the job. I will say it now, if they hire Deion, he will be gone in 60 seconds to the South after maybe two seasons. Bienemy as a legacy is more likely to hang around, if you can get him away from the NFL.

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I think Bienemy would be a good choice. For whatever reason NFL teams aren’t high on him. Guess we’ll see over time.

Why do the Oregon and Oregon State uniform choosers hate color blind people so much? About 10% of the male population can barely see these teams against the turf color.


The PAC-12 refs sure muffed that call against the beavs. They should have had a first down inside the Duck 5.

Wasn’t much of a track meet in the 3rd quarter. Florida got outscored 17-0. YIkes.

Typical Gators I have seen all season. No defense to speak of really.

Still, I am patient. To me it is a talent level issue for the most part, and not an issue with the coaching staff like some Gator fans think. All in on Napier still, as I am stupid enough to believe he knows what he is doing. Recruit, recruit and recruit some more, and hit the portal. A turnover of 40 players from recruiting and transfers wouldn’t surprise me at all.

Shout out to South Carolina. Beat Tennessee and Clemson down the stretch. Well done.