We’re over 60 and will ignore the CDC and go to the game this afternoon

Who’s with me? :grin:

Me and my brother. Not worried though, because CDC just wants you to avoid crowds. not a problem today.


We will be there.

Well played, sir! :laughing:

No ducats…no game…does 57 count close enough?

Wife and I will be there - we’re living dangerously; planning to go AND touch our faces.

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My favorite part of that clip may be Stork’s, “Well, what the hell we supposed to do, ya moron?”


I’m in. You gotta die sometime…

I hear the primary place that people can get COVID-19 is at Brighton Ski Resort. I would recommend that everyone avoid there from now to at least two days after the next snowstorm.


We’re there. Watching the Utes finally take a one point lead and then let CU go on an 11-3 run.

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I should add to my somewhat gloomy post that there was a great ending to the game, Both Goch showed what he can do, and despite the usual crazy running around at crunch time, the guys pulled it off. Nice to end the regular season with a win.

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