We’re all Chanticleers Today!

Personally, I am a fan of this Chanticleers fan. For y’all it’s more to get the noise pollution in your state to be reduced!

I went to Coastal Carolina last year. It’s about 10 miles away from Myrtle Beach, which is kind of a Motel 6 version of Miami Beach, I guess. I think it’s for the people who don’t have the gas money to get to Florida.

Anyway, I was stunned to find out this year Coastal Carolina actually has a football team - it turns out they became FBS in 2017.

So, a worthy opponent for the 2020 miracle Cougs.


Myrtle Beach is for people who can’t afford Charleston. Nobody wants to go to Miami for the beach. That’s for food and cocaine binges in the night club.


Who are the Chanticleers playing?


I fully expect BYU to win the Paper Tiger Bowl, likely in dominant fashion.

Then I expect I will continue to not really care.


This explains why everyone told us if we’re visiting, we really needed to go see Charleston. Myrtle Beach in late November looked like it was a post apocalyptic remnant of a more festive time. I’ll bet the AirBnb prices were amazingly low.

If Christopher Columbus landed in modern day Myrtle Beach, he might have done a 180 and declared failure.


Myrtle Beach is sandwiched between Outer Banks and Charleston. It’s more like Panama City Beach of the Coastal Carolinas. It’s really hard to compete with Charleston. Savannah is the one that gets close.

Also, don’t sleep on Coastal Carolina. Being at home I like their chances.


If CCU wins the headline will be “Coastal Carolina makes BYU Lay an Egg.”

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Yeah, Mrs CCU and I don’t go to Myrtle Beach. We head out to the Outer Banks if she wants beach time. Myrtle Beach just doesn’t appeal to us.

As for Coastal Carolina, they developed a soft spot in my heart the year that they did so well in the NCAA tourney. Living out here we hear about their football team every so often.

Can’t see anyone really taking this game between CC and BYU too seriously nationally. Perhaps their fanbases, but nationally? Nah. 2020 is too much of an anomaly year to take unlikely Top 25 teams seriously.


I mean, Gameday is there and they’ve featured them big time. This is great for such a small up and coming program. I can think of worse spots to go to school in the group of 5.

You are right, there are much worse places to go to school. I view Gameday being there very much like when they went to Bismark, ND to showcase NDSU. (I think it was Bismark). It was a great way to do something a little different.

I do like the spotlight on CC. But I can’t imagine that even if my Utes were still in the MWC we’d take CC too seriously. Perhaps I’m wrong, and they show that they really are an up and coming program. I haven’t paid close enough attention to see if they’ve been on an upward trajectory for awhile or if 2020 is a one off.


Also, how can you not pull for these guys:

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Lee Corso just picked their opponent, so the Chanticleers have that going for them.

I’m suddenly reminded of Brian Bosworth. Thank you for Fargo, not Bismark.

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I only know because I visited their campus over the summer on the way to Theodore Roosevelt NP in Medora.

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The TOP is going to drive BYU crazy:

What did Wilson do to 94 for that amount of hate?

The Chanticleers just punted on 4th and 3 near midfield. They deserve to lose.

BYU’s run d is sooooooooft.