We didn't want to be there

NFC is the only postseason game.

Utes can’t play in December

Arrogant versus Oregon.
Deflated versus Texas

Utah had outscored teams 308-76 over 8 games leading into Oregon
Outscored 25-75 in the last 2 games.

Call it giving up. Call it a depleted secondary, Utah was outmatched and it showed.

Funny, all season all we heard was Utah had a favorable schedule. All things being equal if Utah started the season with losses to Texas, Oregon and USC and finished on an 11 game win streak, everybody would be living the dream right now. Funny


Keep playing like this and we won’t have to worry about that.

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Evidently you could say we were arrogant against Texas as well
Huntley “We took it more as a vacation than preparing for a bowl game”


Poor excuse. Disappointing, particularly for the seniors who may have played the last game of their lives.

“Excuses are the nails that build a house of failure”

The claim to “best ever Ute team” is still solidly a debate between 2004 and 2008, and no truly great team would ever have that attitude.


I was just saying elsewhere that I never thought I’d hear that from a Utah team, much less Whitt coached team. If we weren’t big time P5 before this, we are now.


I call it playing teams with losing records and thinking that made you good. The truth of the matter is simple. The PAC 12, overall, was weak, and the South division was horrible. When you look at the record Utah only defeated three teams that finished with a winning record and one of those was a mediocre BYU team. The high point of the season was the win over Washington. Other than that show me a win that indicated that the Utes were going to compete at the highest level.

They guy I feel sorry for is Moss. He breaks the career rushing record and then loses it on the last play. His lack of production might have cost him a lot of money. Had he left last season, like he should have, he would have been a low first round or high second round pick. He now slips to a low second and high third and that will cost him a lot of cash.

Then I hear fans calling for Whittingham to be fired. That would be a disaster for Utah football. There are not many Urban Meyers out there as young coaches looking to move up. Kyle will retire as the Utah football coach and Utah fans will learn to appreciate him when he is gone.


JohnVa-If Zach Moss would have been a projected 1st or 2nd round pick last year, no way he comes back this year. He didn’t hurt his draft stock this year.

Also, it is very common for fans to make stupid comments about the coaching staff after an emotional loss. You being a zoobie fan should know this. When Bama lost to Auburn, there were Tide fans calling for Saban to be canned. So please don’t act like this is unique to Utah fans.

Oh, and 10 is coming!

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Howdy JohnVa. Haven’t seen you here in a very long time.

Jaylon Johnson sitting out the Bowl Game sent a message that this game did not matter (to him) and that undoubtedly spilled over to some or all of the rest of the team. Had they beaten Oregon in the PAC 12 CCG, you can be assured that Johnson would have played in the CFP because he’d be playing for something, as opposed to just some bowl game.

All it takes is just a little backing off the go pedal and most teams can make you pay for it. Just ask Oregon in their 3 point loss to ASU.

This Texas team lost 5 games, all by one score or less, including a loss to LSU. They were not a bad team, certainly not as bad as 5 losses would indicate. Then consider that this was basically a home gain and they get one lass bite at the apple for a win against an 11th ranked team more interested in roller coaster rides, swimming with the dolphins, and hanging with their (fat little) GFs. You basically had a hungry Texas at home against
a mentally soft Utah and it showed.

I believe he was at the very least a second round pick last year. I also think he will make it in the NFL because he runs hard and has become a better receiver out of the backfield. Never said blaming coaches was unique to Utah. All fan bases do it. Just like all fans think officials in football and basketball are biased against them.

Sure, you didn’t exactly say it was unique to Utah fans, but you claim you hear fans calling for Whittingham to be fired. This is a small minority of fans. And yes, firing him would be insane. Good thing some random, idiot fan does not make those decisions.

And it’s laughable that you state Utah fans will learn to appreciate Kyle when he is gone. The majority of Utah fans appreciate what Kyle has done with this program and we don’t need to wait until he is gone to realize this. Unlike your fan base, we don’t need to wait until our coach leaves to another school and makes it to the Orange Bowl to appreciate him.

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I give up. I was just trying to have a civil conversation. Yes, on social media there were some idiots calling for Whittingham’s head. Yes, Bronco left just as Urban left. Coaching is a business and when you offer a better contract you will have to look at it. In Bronco’s case I think it was good for him and good for BYU. Not sure Sitaki is the answer. Time will tell.

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When you’ve got a BYU fan lecturing you about fan perspective you know things have gotten really bleak.

This is a fan base whose only thing they have left is schadenfreude - really. Check out any BYU social media.

Plus, for every one fan calling for the termination of Whittingham after this season there are 10,000 other fans who are calling that guy nuts. Don’t pretend there is any meaningful group who wants to see Whittingham go right now.

Conversely your fans are 50/50 on whether to retain Tom Holmoe - so we’ll keep our own counsel on hiring and firing decisions… thank you very much. (And if you personally are fuzzy on whether to keep Holmoe please be aware ALL Utah fans are very much wishing he retains his job indefinitely).

Finally, Zach Moss’s stock most definitely did not go DOWN after this season. As you mentioned he broke every meaningful record at the U, was mentioned in all kinds of national awards as a candidate and proved he has much more versatility than your average back. He was definitely not a second round pick last year. That assertion destroys all of your credibility.

Don’t give up! Just take off your nearly opaque blue glasses for a minute and get real.


…and I thought we brought the wrong cleats. :wink:

It was a good season…not a great season. It’s easy to point fingers, but having to run the table just to get to the PAC 12 Championship game was a total grind. Getting pole-axed by a better team in that game on a flat performance was brutal to watch. Getting run out of the Alamodome by a team whose season could be best described as the movie “Sybil” was brutal to watch too. It happened. Season over. Time to turn the page and move on to the Spring Game where hope springs eternal. It’s a new year and a new season is on the way.


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This is your idea of a civil conversation starter on your rivals message board:

The PAC 12 was weak
South division was horrible
Zack Moss hurt his draft stock this season
Utah fans will appreciate Kyle when he retires

Yeah, I think it’s a good idea to give up! Here is a link that might fit your narrative: www.cougarboard.com

Bye-bye now.


I’ll add one more thing for JohnVA, who I believe to be a decent guy, except when it comes to BYU and Utah… You can be critical of our weak season and the fact that we only beat “3 teams with a winning record” (it was actually 4 and that isn’t counting Wazzu who was bowl eligible but went into losing territory with their bowl loss). Splitting hairs. The truth is despite that it wasn’t like we were struggling to beat any of those teams. We trounced them exactly like you’d expect a top 10 team to do (and exactly how all of the elite teams did when playing similar competition).

So if you were one of those folks who was claiming back in November that Utah was a paper tiger you were in the vast vast minority and might border on clairvoyance. All signs pointed to Utah being legit, hence their ranking at the time.

Well we’ve learned better now, but it is ridiculous to pretend that the Utes by all measures didn’t look legit.

By the way, this is civil discussion - it is just not civil discussion you like.


Why do byu fans swear by this?

When you watch college football you’re looking at more than just the opponents W/L record. Keeping it simple, if you’re playing a mediocre or bad team, you should be blowing them out and that’s exactly what Utah did. The Pac may not be full of world beaters, but the ACC is absolutely horrid and yet somehow we’re still able to watch Clemson and say that they are one of the best teams in college football.

One of the announcers of the Alamo bowl had it right when he said that Utah shouldn’t be losing the battles in the trenches that were lost. He was referring to the measurables and athleticism of the Utah linemen saying they matched their Texas counterparts in every way, but something else was wrong. Evidently there were a few things wrong.

Give Texas their due. They rallied around their coach, played hard, and exploited deficiencies that were evident all season. To say that Utah showed no indication that they could compete at the highest level is just showing your bias. Outside of a few nationally syndicated homers, pretty much every other logical college football mind out there saw Utah as a threat.