We are all due for some good news. Covey!

Looks like the old Britain Covey may be back.

Now the Ute record holder for punt return yardage.

Love this guy, but my favorite all-time Covey punt return was the one he didn’t actually return.

That said, his actions were key to the score.


I never get tired of watching that one, and I never will.


Right? There’s just so much to take in - the gunner who pushes Covey (I wish we knew what Covey said or laughed or did), Boobie running back 30 yards (40 to 30) to catch to ball!, a few on the cover team slightly curving towards Hobbs but then shifting right due to the fake, the look on the coach’s face, the kicker wondering why everyone is going to the right and trying to be the only one that can get to him, … It’s just a thing of beauty.


He said, “Gotcha”.


Covey was a “crafty Belgian” for sure.
(Can anyone identify this reference?)
If you do, you win a beverage of your choice. Someday.
Please do not pick 1961 Chateau Petrus or similar…

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I can identify 1961 Chateau Petrus second hand, having read about it, but having known several Belgians, some of whom I’d consider very crafty, I had to google “crafty Belgian” and still don’t quite understand. Not wanting to interrupt your challenge, I’ll wait for the eventual winner and the accompanying explanation :).

Turns out, it’s more obscure than I thought, because I tried to post a meme. It was said by a very famous announcer in a not so famous sporting event