Water main problems - anyone dealt with this?

In March my water softener went bad, we didn’t realize it was filling with water and draining non stop for a number of days until late one night I could hear water running when it shouldn’t be and found it. So we got it fixed and my water bill was gigantic for that month (compared to height of watering season months) and I just thought it was because of that going for much longer than I realized.

Then our latest bill was also gigantic. So I checked all the pipes I could, any appliances, the sprinklers etc. So I opened up the meter and could hear water running, so I flipped up the meter cover and could see that we were having water running. So I turned off the main line to the sprinklers and the main line inside our house and the meter kept running. Then I turned off the valve on the city side of the meter and the meter stopped running.

So I’m 99.99% certain we’ve got a water leak somewhere between the meter and my house… no squishy lawn or sink holes… yet.

First off how much did it cost?

Secondly, I live in an older neighborhood - all of my neighbors around me in the past 10 years have had to replace their water mains. SLC offered an insurance plan through Homeserve that is supposed to cover it. Has anyone used this service and how would they rate it?

When all of my neighbors lines were going out I thought this was a no brainer insurance to purchase and it looks like I might be right.

bummer, I’ve heard that’s an 8 -10k bill without insurance. Hopefully your plan will cover it.

I recall when we had that earthquake a few years back that a few homes water lines broke because of the ground moving.

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When this happened to me I luckily found a squishy spot in the yard. I dug it up and patched it for $40.
Sorry this is happening to your home.

That sucks Rocker.

Question: did you buy flood insurance from the National Flood Insurance Program? If you have it, it may help defray the costs of the repair. Honestly, even if you don’t live in a flood zone NFIP has a number of benefits. Your city is likely a member of NFIP, making it available for you to enroll. I had to get Magna added to it after the earthquake.

Part of the reason why we have been getting inundated by water line insurance flyers in our natural gas bills is the fact the earthquake did a number on a lot of infrastructure. The #1 thing we are still seeing out here in Magna is water line breaks, especially in the older neighborhoods.

I hope it’s the cheaper repair. Most everyone I know who had to out of pocket that one spent $5-$8k on the fix.

On a final note, you may want to get your sewer line scanned while you are getting the water line repaired. We saw a number of these get damaged by the quake, too. It may keep you from having to dig up your yard twice.

Good luck.

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I bought insurance through the city with a company called HomeServe which is supposed to cover the cost of repair or replacement 100% of the water main (I also purchased it for the sewer line too), but it isn’t flood insurance. I place a service request with them last night so we’ll see what we find. Luckily right now there has been no flooding of the house or any squishy part of the lawn I’ve found.

Good advice on having them check the sewer line too - having that back into the house would be most unpleasant.

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Ours went out about 15 years ago ago. It cost about $3000 at the time. We found water bubbling up under the sidewalk near the meter.

The company fixed it by drilling horizontally next to the old line to install a new one. They only had to dig near the meter and near the foundation where the line entered the house.

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This is the company we used at the time.

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Thanks for the info - I’ve seen repairs as low as $1,500 to replacements as high as $12,000. Mine should be pretty straight forward - my insurance supposedly covers the costs up to $10,000 - and they’re coming tomorrow now. I’m almost certain they’ll do replacement. My house was built in the 40s and those old cast iron or galvanized steel pipes just crumble once they fail.

I’ve got a big beautiful lilac bush right over the path the main line takes into my house… and right by the house - so I’m thinking that will be gone which will be very sad. I’m hoping they do the horizontal drilling regardless.

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