Watching Today’s BB Game

So, is the only way to watch the Utes in this tournament is by signing up to the pay site Flo Hoops? Haven’t seen anything about it and never heard of Flo Hoops. They say you can cancel anytime, so I guess $12.50 for a month to see two games is ok. My problem is I always forget to cancel these things.

Getting sick of everything (sports as well as other shows) going to streaming, but that is the trend I’m afraid.

When I looked it appeared the $12.50/monthly is only for the annual plan, i.e., you have to lock in for a year to get that rate. So “cancelling any time” may just mean cancelling as of the end of the current 12 month cycle.

I also read on another board that regardless of chosen plan, they make it extremely difficult to cancel and are borderline criminal in their auto-renew practices once you think you’ve cancelled.

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Thanks. Think I’ll just listen to radio.

What is the Utah back up radio station?

found it 105.5

It’s also on Sirius XM, Ch. 989 for Utah broadcast

Running Utes win! 68-61


Crap, I was sure this was going to record…I get home planning to watch it and nothing…ugh