Watching the Wyoming game and I remembered a few things

  1. Urban Meyer saying that we’re Utah and we’ll never play Wyoming in November again.
  2. Looking at the Mountain West logo and being reminded of Doctor Who.
  3. Those dudes have real live legit cowboys in the stands and on the sidelines. Hats and all.
  4. Wyoming fans are crazy and I’m glad the days of worrying about water balloons filled with urine are over. At least they hated byu more than us.
  5. I wonder if Joe Glenn still hates us. Is he still alive, I’m too lazy to check.

Actually, we play at Wyoming next year…

Yeah, I bought a poncho off Amazon. Let it rain.

“I wonder if Joe Glenn still hates us. Is he still alive, I’m too lazy to check.”

Yup still alive, 70 years old; retired, middle finger still HIGH in the GLOVE!

This may not be a popular opinion, but I miss the Cowboys. At least to the degree that I would much rather play them occasionally as our B game, than to ALWAYS be stuck with BYU.

I would love to see some of the “old” regulars, Wyoming, New Mexico, Colorado State, hell, even Air Force, rather than be forced to play ONLY the one old regular, BYU,

This comment is serious, not just a rant at the religislature over the forced BYU competition. I’ve been watching Utah play football (in the stands) since something like 1968, and many of the teams that we historically faced, would love to play here in the non-conference season, and would be a welcome change to the supposed A game scheduling of the annual BYU game. Don’t get me wrong - we should still play BYU as one of our regular B game, retrospective, competitions, but not exclusively.

We should add Utah State to that mix as well. They were our rival long before BYU hired Lavelle and started winning more than RARELY.

I remember many great times with Wyoming fans in the stands (for football and basketball). They will not be a real threat, any more than BYU is likely to be going forward. But a little diversity would be nice.

As for games in Laramie - I’ve heard the urine bag and other (worse) stories, (although most of the stories come from BYU players), and know the sort of nastiness that can happen in the stands at a Wy home game in Laramie. But, I suspect that the last of the away games for B games (like BYU, Wyo, etc.) are only a few years away.

No reason for every B game to be a historical memory ONLY including BYU. Let’s mix it up!


I agree @salUTE. The series between the Utes and some of those teams have a lot of history in them. It doesn’t make sense from the business perspective today, but some tradition once in a while would be nice. It would certainly beat Idaho State.

Those were some great games and I definitely miss the old schools/conference minus TCU. Too many epic beat downs from them. I still need time to recover before we put them on the schedule.

I don’t really care about Wyoming, SDSU, CSU, and New Mexico on the schedule. None of those teams really do anything for us. I definitely don’t want AFA on the schedule ever again. Why schedule a triple option team? That’s just asking for trouble.

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Urine bombs…pennies…batteries…Three seasons of weather over 4 quarters of football…a trip to Laramie was always an adventure.

Of all the fan bases in the old WAC/MWC days, I enjoyed the Wyoming fans the most. They had the most fun.


And the lights may or may not stay on.


Chris Hill’s “ABC” strategy of a FCS school, a G5 & BYU served its purpose when we first got into the PAC, but it’s outlived its usefulness.

Sure, the SEC gets away with scheduling fraud, but we need to skip the FCS tuneup game and add a P5, which we’re doing.

A western G5, BYU and an intersectional P5 are where we need to be. BYU always gets up for the game and they have “decent” talent, so it’s a good test. The MWC schools are a better game than the FCS schools.

Sure, this year it’s easy to say “upgrade!” but I think the talent level, along with the return of Ludwig, are sufficient to deal with a tougher OOC schedule. Capitalize on the recruiting front a tick up from where we’ve been, and we’ll be in good shape.

When was the last time we lost an OOC game? I can’t remember (not counting the bowl last year)

I can’t remember the year off the top of my head, but I think the last OOC loss was USU.

Edit: Last loss to USU was three games back in 2012. I think Utah has won every other OOC game since joining the Pac-12.