Watching the Oregon game

Oregon looking good.
GO PAC-10!


It may be just my wife and me, but we are starting to think Dan Lanning isn’t all the Duck fans want to believe he is. Questionable, possibly arrogant, decisions are hurting them, just like against the Beavs, for which we are forever grateful.

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An overrated Oregon coach? Who would have thought?

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Damn I wish we were going to the Big 12

Gutty comeback by the Ducks. They were looking pretty soft there for awhile, underachievers.

Maybe Uncle Phil is realizing he could donate $100M a year and still not have a snowball’s chance of being a B1G champ, so best to focus on staying West.

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That ended up being a pretty entertaining game, well 4th qtr.

I was more than a little suspicious of UNC. They made good in the 2nd qtr, and made things interesting to start the 4th. Still not sold on either program, but watch both be given top 10 rankings to start next season, and both QBs Heisman favorites.

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That’s nuts


Maybe just another Mario Cristobal. Can recruit lights out, but game day?