Watching replay of BYU game

So is Jantunen right or left handed? He shot his foul shots with the right, but almost all his shots at the basket were with the left hand! Nice.

He played a lot of minutes down the stretch. He is a nice addition providing solid defense, rebounding, and low post scoring. He is very good fundamentally. He sealed off the defender for both his shot and any Ute driving to the basket.

Good to see the progression of the new players.

Sort of the reverse of me when I played (never organized, just in the gym, my backyard, or in a park).

I pretty much would shoot almost all of my medium and long range shots with my left hand, but tended to use my right hand when getting within about 5 feet of the hoop (but could shoot inside with either hand depending on the positioning of the basket and defender). Would dribble with either hand.

What I noticed at JHMC was his lock down D and his efficiency from the line, which ultimately made a big difference in the game.

His half dunk was funny.

Quite excited about Jantunen. First thing I noticed quite early is he’s a damned good rebounder which is a part of the game the team has sometimes struggled with in recent years.

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He had some nice left handed shots under the basket. I was thinking that was nice shooting for a right hander. I didn’t pay any attention to his foul shooting.

It is really quite an advantage to be able to go to either hand for a shot close to the basket. It was hard for the BYU player to stay with Jantunen. Have to see if he uses the right hand for layups in future games.