Watching Cristobals press conference and the reporters reference some bulletin board material by the Utes TE ... I assume Kuithe. What are they referring to?

Mario’s press conf

I wonder if its the Kuthie yawn against Colorado? But I dont see why UO would classify that as bulliten board material?

Anae said Utah would outwork Oregon in preparation for the championship game. Remember what UCLA and Arizona players said in that vein. Could be that too.


Kuithe said something about “winning this” and it was understood to mean the CFP. It’s on Twitter and Youtube. Not surprised Ducks would turn it into bulletin board material.

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It was “we’re gonna win this (expletive)”.

That’s really reaching for motivation material. If they need that we’re already in their heads.


I agree.

Haha Lord knows we would find a way.


Talks about watching the Hallandale Trio when they were in high school at about the fifteen minute mark. I wonder if he would have offered them if he was at Oregon and not Bama, seeing as how they were all ONLY three star guys.

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