Watched some of BC vs URI last night

Thought I’d do a little scouting. Both teams are in the MTE this weekend with the Utes. The Utes play BC first, then get either URI or Tulsa. Here’s a quick scouting report:

Big, but not much quickness. Ballhandling issues. Good rebounding. They score by pushing the ball inside and trying to overpower you, and getting your bigs in foul trouble. Seems like sometimes they just throw the ball up to the glass and let their bigs go get it. Bickerstaff, a 6’9" F, is a player. Not much depth. The starting 5 played almost the whole game.

URI is better. Better depth. Great interior D. They have great length and play a Syracuse zone D very effectively. They have a couple of good sized bouncy guys (brothers named Mitchell) who can block shots and rebound, but don’t show much offensive skill. Poor half court offense, and turnover prone in the half court. They score with fast breaks off rebounds and turnovers, and 3pt shooting which is shaky.

BC’s size will be a test. Rhode Island’s D will be a test. Both teams seem to be about the same level as the Utes.

Odd that BC and URI could play each other again on Sunday (if both win or both lose on Saturday)

I got to watch a bit of the game. Both are great tests for sure. We struggled in our scrimmage against big physical post players. We haven’t played against any yet. Against these last few smaller opponents we have been running more of an inside-out game like Smith did last year with Queta. It will be fun to see how adjustments are made against a bigger front line.
I hope we play URI in our next game. I want to see how we do vs a real zone (sorry sac state).

I hope BC can improve by not picking up stupid fouls. Duzan will be important and it will be interesting to see if we ever see a twin towers lineup.

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Odd indeed. Apparently this particular BC-URI contest was not part of the Sunshine Slam at all. The only game BC has played so far in this event was against Holy Cross…

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