Washington St vs Utah - Homecoming

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Who’s going to this game? :football:

I’ll be there!

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I’ll be there but projected to be COLD!

Just testing to see what links to online publications look like here. I like it! Much easier than my beloved old UF.net.

I had a bad feeling going into the USC game. I didn’t like that they were coming off a loss. I have a good feeling this week. I think we will respond well to blowing the USC game, and I think WSU will be a bit hungover from their collapse.

I think Brumfield has a monster game, and our defense does enough.

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And wet. I hope all those complaining about sunny, 85 degree games earlier are happy Saturday night :slight_smile:

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Interview I saw with Whit he talked about how he was happy with the team response and that the players are MAD about the loss. I think we do it.


I read somewhere, perhaps on UF.N, that in the Monday team meeting, some players were angry over the loss and how it occurred. They are focused this week, IMHO.

Since I was in Europe when the SC game was played, I only saw it yesterday afternoon on a Pac-12 60 minute replay. Here are my observations:

  1. The entire team was not intense or pumped for the game. They were more casual than I would have expected.

  2. Yet, the Utes marched up and down the field on offense. Huntley was nails.

  3. The OL struggled at times, particularly in the 4Q.

  4. Utah made it into the RS 7 times (I think), came away with only 23 points. A crushing fumble on the 1 yard line.

  5. Secondary got torched a few too many times. Hard to get significant pressure on Fink.

  6. Penalties, penalties, penalties.

In general, the Utes won the statistics category but lost the score board.

The Utes redeem today.


Not excited about the late game in the rain and lightning but still planning to tough it out.

Love the new board, now I won’t have to link to my old stat recaps, same thread galore!

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I’ll be there in the NEZ with 4 and a few thousand of my topless friends.


Look for me, I’ll be the wet one.

Great to see you here, UFS!

We still struggle in the red zone at the end of great drives. Still, we are outplaying these guys big-time. If you’d told me it’d be 21-13 at halftime against this high-scoring team I’d have been ecstatic.

Utah got the memo. Come to play. Even Whitt allowed for the team to score style points to finish the game. Super win. Safe for 3 or 4 dumb penalties and an equal number of drops by receivers, a terrific game. See you travelers in Corvallis.


Hell of a game by our boys.


So much to say about this game. A couple of items I picked up from the post-game show:

Wazzu is the highest-scoring team in the PAC-12 and the 6th highest in the USA. They were averaging 52.8 points per game until tonight when they got 13 – and were shut out during the second half. Not sure when was the last time Mike Leach was shut out.

We controlled the ball for over 12 minutes of the 3rd quarter. That was one big reason Wazzu had so few offensive opportunities.

The Utes had almost 500 yards of offense in the first three quarters.


Can’t believe we shut them out for the second half. A nice statement after the USC debacle and just what the doctor ordered.


The best defense against Wazzu is keeping their offense off the field. They only ran 7 offensive plays in the 3rd quarter. That 3rd quarter has to be a Whittingham wet dream (double entendre, because of the rain).


Our defense came to play. Hopefully they come like this every week. (That’s what she said.)

D-line is always there to play - best rush D I think I’ve ever seen. Secondary was much improved - and I was WAY nervous about that.