Was anyone else kinda disappointed with the Senior Day celebration last night?

Don’t get me wrong, I loved the fact that the crowd was on hand and really into it, but it seemed like a bit of a clusterfark. They’d announce one player, then immediately show someone else on the Jumbotron every single time.

It was really weird, and kinda took some of the air out of the celebration, imo.

It was underwhelming, and we’ve done better in the past.

I almost didn’t make it as I was watching the Auburn game inside.

Along those same lines, what the hell was going on with the (lack of) instant replays on the jumbotron? And on the rare cases that they showed a replay, it was only the last part of it.

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Whichever of you drunken fat-asses hosted the Jumbotron crew at your tailgate this weekend…your banned from ever doing it again. :wink:

The tepid fireworks up on those stands had me cracking up.

Announcer: “…Bradlee Anae!”
Firework: “Frrrrrtttt”

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LOL, yeah…those were sad.

I kept waiting for a sad trombone sound from the stadium speakers.

The post game fireworks were pretty good. Almost as good as the in game fireworks.