WAPO Article on Young Utah Team


nice find

another article referencing our amazing team culture, which is code for prepare to go 12 - 19

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No, no! We’ll exceed expectations! All we have to do is finish better than 9th!

I mean, it’s an AP article, picked up by the WaPo. I was puzzled why the WaPo would do a full article on a middle of the PAC-12 team.

Roger that!

Good point. I still thought it was an interesting article. Unfortunately, what is newsworthy about the current Utah team is its extreme youth and inexperience. That’s why the AP put out the story, but it doesn’t exactly excite the dreams of Utah fans.

I am still going to show up and watch these guys. They’re a likable bunch and I think they will be easy to cheer for.

Yeah, I felt the same way.
It’s interesting how a lot of “local” news nowadays is just AP/UPI articles snatched from another source.
Glad to see us in a national news thread at any rate.