Veterinary Advice Sought

One of our fur babies has been puking and loosing weight. We brought her in and she has a massive hietal hernia (you can see 80%of her liver and gall bladder are in her pericardium!)
We have two surgeon consults planned, including Colorado State Veterinary Teaching Hospital and Advanced Veterinary Care in Salt Lake.
Anyone ever worked with either CVTH or AVC? Apparently, This is a super rare, but reasonable procedure to repair.
Thinking we might just do the drive to Fort Collins… The cat is stable (remarkably) and only 7 years old, but obviously needs an excellent cat General or Cardiac surgeon.

Our German Shepherd had a failing pancreas and AVC was wonderful in diagnosing it and performing the surgery to ensure that was the problem. Apparently bad pancreases are common in GS so they knew what to look for. She had lost 30 percent of her body weight but with the surgery and the recommended meds from AVC, she is back to being a healthy girl!

Send me a DM if you have any other questions.

Thanks so much! We are going to see the surgeon at AVC Wednesday. We want to find someone who has done a bunch and it is rare, so that’s why CSTH might be worth the drive.