Van Fillinger

The next Utah DE we’ll be hearing a lot about.

Yes, he can!


Van was a strong contributor to the success we had on defense last season. I won’t be surprised to see him take another step up this upcoming season. I hope the big guys inside can absorb enough of the attention of the O-lines to give him even more free reign to get to the QB and to blow up plays.

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Did we ever find out more about Carlton? Maybe he didn’t want to play inside, maybe it was a girlfriend, who knows.

If Elliss could woo him back that would be huge. He has the kind of frame and athleticism to play on Sundays, the same move Luther made when he was here.


Didn’t Carlton commit to Cal?


I watched a replay of the USC game and Carlton played a lot. Down the stretch he saw virtually no action. I fully expect Fillinger to be an All PAC DE by the time he is finished.


Yup. He’s going to be very good.

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Carleton lost playing time to Jonah Ellis and Suguturaga. I think that is why he transferred.

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He moved inside and was pretty effective, a long, quicker DT in the mold of what Derrick Shelby did in 2008 when we had a bunch of injuries inside.