UtestuckinSeatle - Football Game Streaming?

Will you be able to stream games this year like in the past?

I will certainly be trying to stream the games.

The usual streaming sites are cracking down on streaming games so if I’m able to find an alternative method I will certainly do my best to stream as many as I can.


You are the nest my friend.

Not great news to share, but it looks like in order to continue streaming while avoiding the chances of streams being shut down on platforms like Twitch, YouTube, etc… I would need roll my own streaming server on a platform like AWS.

I have a working prototype in place but, after doing the math on AWS server and bandwidth costs from a few test streams, it looks like streaming the season using this method is going to cost about $150.00 per game. This is a very hefty financial commitment that I would hate to place on the folks who would be using the stream.

I’m also not sure if AWS has similar streaming monitoring systems like Twitch so there is still a chance the stream could be taken down, and I would hate to have taken $ from people only to have the streams blocked.

With these things in mind, I think the live streams are probably going to have to be a thing of the past.

However, one thing I can continue to do is to share a commercial-free copy of the game for download after the live broadcast is over.

One other thing I contemplated doing was setting up a live audio chat, like Discord or similar, for fans to chat live during the game. If this sounds like something people be interested in let me know and I will put something together to try out for the Week 1 game.

I will certainly update this thread if I’m able to locate an alternative, but for now folks likely will need to source another live stream option.


Thanks for the update. I’m not surprised that the streaming looks to be limited, at best. AWS will watch things even more closely than Twitch. So, to avoid issues, I suggest not streaming.

FWIW folks, Sling can be purchased month to month. Mrs CCU and I use it during the football season.

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This may not be the best option but what about zoom? You can share screen on that easy peasy. Mute everyone on entry and don’t allow unmute. As an option.
However, i understand that ot may not work. With that said thank you for sharing when you could. I truly appreciated it. Tip of the hat good sir.

If that’s the end, it’s the end.

Thanks for all your work over the years. I used your streams many times.


Thank you for the years of hard work providing the stream. It was greatly appreciated…

… and a download of the game would be tremendous!

With a stream that often had 300+ viewers sadly Zoom would not really be an option as video and audio quality quickly diminish with that many viewers.

I think the best option at this point would be to provide a high quality version of the game after-the-fact for people to download.