Utes vs. ASU Game Thread

Yeah a little early, but had a question…any news on kump injury? I’ve not seen anything. He went out against USC and I’ve not heard anything.

And you (we) won’t unless it’s season ending.

Yeah…a case of no news is good news. Just wanted to make sure I hadn’t missed something

UTES - 27
Sun Sporks - 24

Utes 24 Porks 21

Utah 37 ASU 34

31-19 utes

Utah 34
Forky 31

The new NEZ view

Go Utes!!!


So what are the keys? Do you spy Daniels?

this Bama vs. MSU game will go another hour, ugh

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Ronnie Mac holding court in the south end zone.


game starting on ESPN News

I actually like these Ute proud helmets tonight. Let’s go!


welp too EASY

Way to easy

Oh no! we suck again

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Yeah agreed too easy. Is just me or do we seem slow to start this year?

Time to answer

Just 1 3rd down (at the end). Not getting to Jayden but he is releasing quickly. Good to seem like we have a spy but leaves us a little short to cover wr

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