Utes top 2021 target Payton Sandfort will announce next Thursday

From his twitter: It’s down to Stanford, Utah, Iowa or Minnesota.

That’s an easy decision. Stanford is for brats, and the other two are in the midwest. Process of elimination.

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Tough going head to head with Stanford. Nothing we can offer that they can’t match 10X over.

That’s not true at all. We offer a down to earth experience that won’t turn you into an elitist. We also offer mountains and a coach who doesn’t look like a dufus. We offer a more affordable community that is more diverse in almost every way than Palo Alto. We offer professors who are cool instead of lame. We offer an actual name - Utes - instead of a too-cool-for-school color. We have an actual band instead of a bunch of rich brats who mock everything they come into contact with. We offer a larger campus in a larger city full of people who didn’t start prepping for the ACT in grade school when their parents started them in full time prep camps.

But, yeah, Stanford is higher on the US News list, if you’re into that.


Stanford makes sense, since Sandfort is an anagram of the school name.


You make me smile. You’d hate my wife. Come to think of it – she is a brat!


Hes been a heavy iowa lean for a while now. We were the second choice because the staff did a nice job developing a relationship over time. At the end of the day, playing in front of friends and family was too much to pass up.

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SLC more diverse?

SLC larger city?


Than Palo Alto? I guess I assumed so…let’s ask google.

Palo Alto: 66,000 residents
SLC: 200,000

Palo Alto is 61% white, 27% Asian, 12% other races
SLC is 73% white, 5% Asian, 22% other races

I didn’t look it up, but I have to believe SLC is more economically diverse than Palo Alto as well.


Check the metro population. Palo Alto is in the Bay Area just short of 8 million.

Palo Alto is between San Francisco and San Jose. SF is 800K+ and San Jose is 1M+. I can tell you as someone who grew up in Salt Lake and then lived in the Bay Area there is no contest. Palo Alto and surrounding area is far more a big city in every aspect and far more diverse in every aspect.

Guys, who cares? The kid chose Iowa.