Utes play a 'secret game' vs Boise State today

Final score is immaterial since this is a glorified scrimmage, BUT would appreciate any eyewitness info about player skills. Who can shoot? Who has good handles? Is the frontcourt as imposing in real life as it looks on paper? etc.

Our Utes lost 72-68. Game was close and back and forth many times. Lots of turnovers for our young group, and the NCAA must have made some type rule change regarding blocks vs. charges. I’ve never seen so many offensive charge calls in my life. Coaches made a ton of substitutions the entire game, and we never had great rhythm or flow.
Starting five were Jones, Gach, Allen, Battin, and Carlson. Generally speaking that was the best group during the contest. Battin had the best overall game. Carlson had an efficient outing. Allen played well, but often tried to do too much on his own. Both was good defensively, but his offense was just ok. Rylan was the opposite of Both.
MVK only played a couple minutes, I think he may have been under the weather. Thione is super athletic, which shined through defensively, but he struggled catching/controlling the ball on offense. Jaunten was really good, with the exception of finishing at the rim. Missed a couple of easy buckets. Brenchley shot the lights out from 3, I think he was 4 of 5 from deep. I was surprised we didn’t continue to go to him since he had the hot hand. Same thing happened in the paint. Carlson had a couple of easy buckets and they stopped going to him inside. Plummer and Wenzel did not have good games, which surprised me. Having seen them play earlier this summer I expected much more from both of them, but I think this was just a fluke. Of the guys who came off the bench Jaunten was the best, and Brenchley was solid, but Ballstaedt was the pleasant surprise of the day. This walk-on may see a fair amount of time on the floor. Just had an all around good game.
Overall, I thought the team looked good, especially for how young they are. The coaches were trying lots of combinations and seemed more interested in development rather than winning. Only real downside was the turnovers. My preseason prediction for this year is 5th in the PAC-12.


Stick around, PapaUte. It’s good to have you.


Thanks for the info, PapaUte!

I am curious to hear what Battin did that was so good. Hit from outside? Threat in the post? On the boards?

Brilliant PapaUte! Thanks for the report on the closed scrimmage.

We are just two days away from all of us being able to see the team in the exhibition game against UT Tyler.

Battin shot well from distance and was the leading scorer (I think, didn’t keep track) While Carlson was the leading rebounder, Battin had a couple offensives boards and easy put backs. His defense was solid and he committed zero turnovers, that I can recall.


Battin was the leading scorer at the NWTRU and he was the leading scorer at the scrimmage with Boise. Hopefully, he can keep this up. He was an incredible scorer in high school and so maybe he is ready to get back to his old ways.

Thanks PapaUte. Good sruff!