UTES now 15-1 to win the National Championship

I have to pinch myself. Who woulda thunk? 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 years ago.

I’ve been watching the blue bloods in college football in the Rose, Orange, Cotton, and Sugar bowls for half a century. Never did I even imagine that the day would come when the UTES would be in consideration.

First the Fiesta Bowl, then the Sugar. Now, two more consecutive wins gives us at LEAST the Rose Bowl.

I’m stunned.

Urban was on ESPN U Radio day before yesterday and sad that the Utes’ defense would keep them in games with LSU and Clemson (no blowouts) and that they had an offense this year competitive enough to keep the defense off the field for extended periods of time. He has been a real advocate for Utah.


Scott Mitchell said on the Riley show that if Utah gets into the CFP, we will be the underdog darlings, the Cinderellas. That’d be fun.


All this hype is nice, but still a bit like jerking off before the prom. It looks like the Utes should have no problem tonight or next week, but…