UTES Invade Palo Alto

I am enjoying watching this team mature right in front of us. Thus far our team has lost 3 games, all on the road. Our only road win has been USC. A win that’s devalued every week because of the Trojans historic suckage.

This team has yet to show us the stinginess characteristic of typical Ute teams. This Friday night is a prime opportunity to set the tone. I’m loathe to use the inexperience excuse, but I’m gonna. We start 3 Fr on the DL, 3 in the DB. They’re facing an offense with atrocious rush attack and middling pass efficiency. The Cards’ OL is bad.

If this team has grown, as I believe they have, get ready to see them feast this week. I’m saying UTES 45 Cards 17.

We need to get this win, and a win in Tuscum to keep control of our season.

The Tree is not going to be an easy out. They are very physical (like us…normally). Their offense is sort of average, but so has been our defense. The offense is going to have to carry us like it did in LA to get the win.

The game in Tuscum could easily turn into a trap game. It will be easy for a young team to overlook a team that has been a dumpster fire all season, who is on a “Hall of Shame” level losing streak, but it wasn’t many years ago we took the field against a UNLV team doing the same thing who hung the second most painful loss in Utah Football history on us. For the record, the Wildcats gave U$C a run for it in LA over the weekend.

Going down the rest of the division.

bASUra has another couple of losses left in them if Jayden Daniels doesn’t get his ■■■■ together, and quit hanging his receivers over the middle with passes that leave them to get smashed by the defense, their offense will get rolled up on by U$C and Oregon State.

U$C and UCLA are hoping for us to drop 3 of the last 4 (and they have to win out) for a shot. We win the next two, they are eliminated. One will be eliminated in the Crosstown Game de facto.

These kids are going to need to take some serious steps for the next two weeks. Hopefully they get it done.


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I agree. That game scares me as much as the others. Mainly, because we “should” win.

But yeah, if we win the next two, we are in really great shape.

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Seeing AZ almost come back against USC gives me pause. I get that SC is a dumpster fire, but AZ does (somewhat surprisingly) still have a little fight in them. It’s not likely to be a gimme game.


And things just got worse for USC. Star WR London is out for remainder of the season with a broken ankle.

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If the defense has matured as I think they have, they won’t let any dumpster program derail them. The toughest games ahead are Oregon (obviously) and this Friday, the only team that has beaten Oregon.

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