Utes better make the Rose Bowl

I need to see them in person while I wear my interlocking U shirt.

I didn’t think there would be a positive for not making the Rose Bowl. I was wrong. People would be spared seeing that shirt.


Seriously. On the verge of huge national exposure and now is the time that they choose to roll out that travesty.


Here are the candidates for my purchase to wear in Pasadena:



The White Under Armour is OK. Buy it through the University and a portion of the purchase goes to the athletics program.


That top one looks like it has the “U’s” made out of bones. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.


Or badly drawn cartoonish reindeer antlers


I like the grey or white shirt the best. The first one creeps me out.


Is it weird I see this as a positive. Very Old Western albums vibes.

I may just find the old crest on this pennant on a shirt:


At least they are all equally terrible.

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I hate the top one. The others are OK.

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I’m confused by you. You’re a Bama fan (which should get you an instant ban). What’s your interest in the Utes? Did you grow up here? Got confused by the red color and thought we were Bama? You hated Urban Meyer?

Inquring minds want to know your back story. And I’m sure it’s somewhere in this place, but I’m too old to be digging around like a paleontology grad student.

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You are the one that has to wear it, so if western vibes gets it done for you, go get your Ute freak on. Thanks for repping the Utes while you are at the Grand Daddy of Them All.


He started posting in the weeks before the 2009 Sugar Bowl. Some posters thought he was funny and invited him to keep posting.

There are worse things than having a Bama fan choose Utah as a second team. The teams with big national fanbases will all have “Walmart fans.” They have no connection to the team the cheer for, they don’t know much about “their” team’s history, but they bought the t-shirt at Walmart.

Take this as an opportunity to educate. If we are lucky, there will be an ongoing need to educate new fans from all over the country what a Ute is, about being respectful to the Ute Tribe, about our history, and about our state.


The first shirt should be burned with fire. Go with 2 or 3

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Pretty sure I had that exact banner on my wall as a kid.


Came for the Sugar Bowl banter and was dared I wouldn’t come back after the game.

That and I grew up in a highly LDS area of the Inland Empire of California where many friends played for Utah and BYU. I also never mentioned this but my 6x great grandfather was friends with Joseph Smith and LDS. His daughter who I descend from never was raised LDS though so I am not LDS. So I’ve always had a tie somewhat to that culture.

Why Alabama? Grew up poor with parents moving between LA and Huntsville where Dad’s people are from for work. My ancestors on Dad’s side helped start The University of Alabama so it was kind of assumed who we pulled for come college sports season. Then close to HS graduation was moved from LA to Kentucky for Dad’s work.


BamaFan’s cool. He’s obviously a Utah fan as well.

It’s good to have folks around here who bring some different perspectives.


The only guarantee that Utah makes the Rose Bowl is if they win the Pac-12 Championship Game. Even if Oregon were to go 12-1 (and beat Utah twice), there’s no guarantee that they get selected for the CFP, which means they’d go to the Rose Bowl at that point. The Ducks could get past by like an undefeated Oklahoma, or Alabama could beat Georgia in the SEC Championship Game, which would likely get two teams from the SEC in. Hell, Cincinnati could pass them if the Bearcats go undefeated. The political pressure to put an undefeated Cincy team in might be too much for Oregon to overcome. Nothing has been determined yet


I know there are a few scenarios where we end up at the Rose Bowl, but I want the conference championship route as our first visit. Beat Oregon twice and leave it at that.

But since I’m a Utah fan, what we’ll probably do is beat them regular season and lose to them in the CCG, keeping both Oregon out of the CFP and us out of the Rose Bowl. :joy: