Utes 7 in the College Football Playoff Poll

Minnesota did not jump them, they are just one spot behind. Utah got some separation from Oklahoma.

Oregon at #6 - if Utah and Oregon win out, the winner of the PAC12 title game will most likely be in the playoff.

I wouldn’t worry too much about Minnesota. If Iowa and Wisconsin don’t defeat them, Ohio St. will beat them like a drum. Baylor/Oklahoma will be the real threat.

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Just play our best and beat UCLA is all that matters for now.


I don’t worry about Oklahoma, but if Baylor goes undefeated, they could jump a lot of teams.

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Baylor is losing this weekend.


Oklahoma is the only team I’m worried about. A 12-1 OU would be hard for the committee to pass on. A 12-1 OU might have more top 25 wins than a 12-1 Utah too.

The current rankings don’t mean a thing. The committee has shown plenty of willingness to throw it all out and start from scratch when it comes to the final rankings.


I disagree. You’ve gotta remember that a theoretical 12-1 Utah team would finish the regular season with a win over a theoretical 11-2 Oregon team who might be ranked #4 or even higher going into the Pac-12 Championship Game. That would trump ANYTHING Oklahoma could do because any team they’d play in a theoretical Big 12 Championship Game would be ranked far behind both Utah and Oregon. I agree with David Pollack on ESPN. The Big 12 is in serious trouble right now. Their two highest ranked teams (Oklahoma and Baylor) are BOTH ranked several places behind Utah and Oregon in the rankings, and unless either we or Oregon lose, I don’t see that changing any time soon.


Remember, the committee has flipped teams around in the final ranking before. The fact that Utah is several places ahead of Oklahoma right now doesn’t mean much. The current rankings are not a contract.

Also, the committee routinely cites the poor metric of “top 25 wins”. If Utah goes 12-1, we might have 1 top 25 win (maybe 2 if UW sneaks back in). Oklahoma, if they go 12-1 could have anywhere from 2-4 top 25 wins (two vs Baylor and 1 each vs Texas and Okie St). If Utah has only 1 top 25 win and Oklahoma has 4, I will be nervous.

Anyway, it does look good for Utah if we win out. I’m just saying that Oklahoma is our biggest concern, followed by a 12-1 LSU, an 11-1 OSU, and, finally, an 11-1 Alabama.

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