Utefans.net Thanksgiving Clothing Drive 2021

I’m going to Costco this weekend, what is the best remaining size for a couple of coats?

I wanted to thank everyone who has donated coats. I ran into “Wild Bill” today, who I’ve known for quite some time. He was sleeping near the door of a coffee shop and at first I didn’t recognize him. When I saw it was him, I asked him if he had a winter coat, to which he responded “not yet”. I was able to give him a brand new coat, which was given to me by @uteman1011. Bill has been homeless for 17 years and told me today that his last job was at the Western Nut Company. He is a sweet guy who is plagued with addiction and severe mental illness. He is well known downtown and has lived a life that I’m not sure I could comprehend. Thanks again for all of your support and for helping keep people like Bill warm this holiday season.