Utefans.net Thanksgiving Clothing Drive 2021

Hi All-

I have reached out to Valley Behavioral Health (Formerly Valley Mental Health) to see how Utefans could be helpful this holiday season. They asked if we could donate some winter coats to one of their programs. The program we’d be supporting is designed to treat individuals who have struggled with mental illness, addiction, and incarceration. It’s a well-known program that has done some tremendous things for the community and I thought it would be cool if we could be involved in some way.

I am definitely open to suggestions about how to proceed. My inclination is that we should price the coats and then raise some money for the cause. Below are the quantity and sizes on Valley’s wishlist. I’d like to see if we can accomplish this month, preferably before it starts to get much colder. Please let me know what you think here, or if you so desire you can boardmail me.

I think it’s great!
Usually decent winter coats go for a 3 tiered price range and many have waterproof breathability features for a modest donation. I think Costco had stuff around $30-$50 last year which could literally save or greatly enhance someone’s life

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This is a great idea @Steggys_Mixtapes, and I’ll be happy to help in anyway I can, be it donations and/ or involvement. Sign me up, and let me know how I can help!

Thanks for all that you do for Utefans!

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Hey guys, just bumping this thread. I’m working on a way for people to donate to UF.N causes on the site so that we can fund things like this. If you have any resources/ideas you’d like to share board mail me or post in this thread. I’m going to learn more today from Valley to see just what their needs are. I think this is very doable and I’d like to make some headway in the next week or so. Thanks for all of your support and GO UTES!

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Hey Everyone-

@salUTE is looking to make a very generous donation to our cause. I’m reaching out again to see if anyone has any old coats they’d like to donate. We were given specific sizes, which are listed below:

3- 2XL
1- 4XL

I think that’s a good starting place. Feel free to post in this thread or board mail me. This is a really important cause and doesn’t take too much time. I will help collect the coats when the time comes, hopefully soon.


I’m picking up 2 XXL coats from Costco. They were $30 each, but largest size is 2X

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Here are some additional numbers from Valley Behavioral Health. I think I may work with community programs/resources to see if they’re at all able to help. Of course, anything you guys can offer would be greatly appreciated.

Medium - 1
Large - 1
XL - 3
2X - 5
3X - 5
4X - 1

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i cant do a whole coat cause i am saving my money for rose bowl tickets but i would like to throw in a few scheckels. Any way to donate or send money to someone to help cover the cost of some this stuff.


I will let everyone know how they can donate $$$$ ASAP

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We are into this excellent idea and will let you know soon

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Hey everyone, if you have an extra coat laying around or know someone who might have one, send it our way! May I also suggest swinging by the DI to see what they might have. This would be a really nice way to close out the year for UF.N, and of course, we’re always open to your feedback. Thanks for your support and GO UTES!

I’m just putting some more numbers here so I remember. I’ll compile a complete list of needs and then we’ll proceed from there.

5- LG

1- XL


Deseret Industries is a great option - I just went by the location in Sandy and picked up a couple of what look to be brand new coats, at very reasonable prices.

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How can we get coats to you?

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I can meet up with you! Feel free to board mail me to arrange something.

I’d like to thank @salUTE for his generous contribution to our clothing drive! You get a really good eclair if you support the cause! Just ask @salUTE!

And he’s not kidding! - I met Steggy’s, to pass on the winter gear contribution and had the BEST ECLAIR I’ve had in years - the only downside, I live close to where we met, and now I know where to get those eclairs - there went my waistline :frowning:

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Board mail sent

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9- XL
6- L
10- 2x
M- 1
8- 3xl
2- 4xl

I think that’s everything…

I’ve got a 2XL and a L that I’ll be donating