Utefans.net t-shirts

Hi all-

The design for the t-shirts has been completed and I’d like to see who’s interested in purchasing one (or more). Special thanks to one of our board members Sheeeute for agreeing to be an official sponsor of UF.N, as his contribution has helped make this possible. Once we get a better idea of the total costs to print them we will announce pricing. We hope to make these available within the next two weeks depending on when we get the orders in.

Below are the designs for the shirts. On the front of the shirt is the new, official Utefans.net logo, along with our sponsors logo on the sleeve. The back of the shirt features an alternate logo in the form of a medallion we created for the site. We will be using high quality Gildan shirts for printing, which are very nice.

We’ll need to know what size/color you want. Feel free to board mail me if you’re interested. We’re thrilled to start this new and exciting chapter of Utefans.net and appreciate all of your support! Go Utes!

I am on board for both the red and white version. I love how it incorporates the old mountain outline from the old one.

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Hi everyone, just a quick update on the shirts. So far just about every order has been for XL t-shirts, usually one red/one white. As far as XL goes we have about 32 (16 red/16 white) left of those. I have 40 large (20 red/20 medium),10 medium (5 red/5white), and 10 2xl (5 red/5 white).

The t-shirts are priced at $20.00. I expect XL to go pretty fast.

I’m also pleased to announce that we now have oxford & polo shirts in red, black, and white that are all embroidered with the official Utefans logo. We are pricing the oxford shirts at $40.00 and the polos at $50.00. Below you can see the proofs for the shirts. We’ve already had some shirts made and they are very high quality, especially the polos.

It is possible that we can ship them but we have discussed doing an event to pass them out or take more orders. More details on that soon!


No aloha shirts?

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Some feedback from Cris who was in the fashion & branding business for around 30 years if you don’t have the polo/golf shirts and the oxfords done yet.

The Tees are OK, they are a novely, they are better than anything Chris did. XL, 2XL will be your most popular based on experience years ago. L, then hardly any M or Smalls.

The logos on the golf/oxfords is too big. It’s hard to say on an online mockup but it looks too much like a work shirt where the company is trying to get its logo as in the face as possible. Make it more subtle and it’s more palatable to the average person who might wear it in the office on gameday.

Just Cris’s observations, I’m not sure if I’m supposed to share with her experience in the fashion and the trinkets, tees, & trash markets.


I agree with Shasta, particularly in the advice on sizes. This is based on my experience of awarding shirts for the pick the score contest for ten plus years here. XL is the most requested, then 2XL and Large. Not many mediums, and hardly ever anything in small.

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We have only printed a few test polos/oxfords. It has hard for me to imagine making that logo much smaller but we can have some proofs made for the next round.

We may have printed too many large. As far as 2XL and M go, we printed a limited amount because we thought we should have some. We can print more XL fairly quickly if need be.

Feedback from the board has been somewhat slow so we just had to shoot from the hip. In the future we will be creating surveys to poll the site. There are still quite a few shirts. The more feedback, the better.

OGIO. Top quality product. :+1:

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Showed Cris the photo of the polo and she’s thinking the logo on the actual polo is OK as far as the size goes. It doesn’t look as large as it does in the mockup.

I wear my UF.N polo frequently and it is incredibly comfortable. I get a lot of compliments on it and it’s generating interest in the site. I look forward to seeing board members in Utefans gear. I expect to create caps and other items over time.

Haven’t been on in a while. How do I get a red XL?

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Board mail me

I am making an order for XL t-shirts. I will be reaching out to those who ordered shirts already and will make arrangements to get those to them.

We are also taking orders for oxfords and polos.

Hey everyone, I am finally getting ready to send out t-shirts. If you’d like one, just board mail me your mailing address and I will shoot the payment info.

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I sent out quite a few orders yesterday, and some people have already received them. I’m picking up more XL shirts tomorrow so if you’re interested please board mail me while we’ve still got them!

Got mine in the mail today, and they are GREAT! Thanks again @Steggys_Mixtapes.

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I received my shirts (1-white, 1-red) today.

They look great!


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Thank you so much! I got my shirts yesterday and I love them. That was a nice card as well. Thanks @Steggys_Mixtapes

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