Ute Proud

Tough game. But I’m not disappointed with the team. These are good guys. These are our guys. They sacrificed many hours; they sacrificed their bodies; they put their future health on the line. We have been the beneficiaries of their extraordinary work and dedication. They got outplayed tonight, and a few things didn’t go their way. It happens.

But I won’t be disappointed in our team. I remain Ute Proud.

Go Utes!

Love what Nacua just said:

“We got one more game. So we can end it on a good note and send the seniors out the right way”


That’s the way to be. That’s the measure of true leadership and teamwork, and you know, they just didn’t deserve to win tonight.
That’s all there is to it.
But we love our Utes.
Go Utes!