Ute Christmas gifts for kids

Anyone have any suggestions on creative Ute sports-related gifts for my nephew around 10 years old with a limited attention span? The default is a t-shirt, which I did last year and I suppose I will again this year. He’s also got way more sports equipment than he needs.

I keep thinking there might be a book appropriate for his age but all I can think of is Majerus’ “My Life on a Napkin”. He’s more of a football kid anyway. :wink:

I’d prefer an online purchase if I can help it. I don’t want any steenkin’ covid.

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He has at least one of those Ute branded footballs.

The boxing ball thing is intriguing. I found it for a lower price on Amazon as well, looks like one of those Chinese-made products that get sold by dozens of different “brands” everywhere. I might get it anyway.

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Every kid would love some Ute slippers to wear around Christmas Day.