Utah's Morgan Scalley will stay as Defensive Coordinator

So there you have it.

From Harlan’s letter to Crimson Club membership:

Therefore, we have determined that Coach Scalley will remain in his position on the football staff, but the seriousness of his actions warrants the following:

Coach Scalley will engage with leadership of the University’s Equity, Diversity and Inclusion team, including Vice President Mary Ann Villarreal. He will participate in regular and on-going diversity and inclusion education, and will be expected to be a key partner in addressing issues of racism and bias in the Utah Athletics Department, the University and the broader community.
In December 2019, the University and Coach Scalley verbally agreed to a multi-year extension of his contract, increasing his annual compensation to $1.1 million. Instead, his new contract will revert to his 2018 compensation level in the form of a one-year term for $525,000.
In December 2019, Director of Athletics Mark Harlan extended a verbal offer to Coach Scalley to become the Head Coach In-Waiting, which Harlan has now rescinded.


That’s a hefty penalty. More than half his income and a job promotion.

He’s lucky to have a job though and he will learn from it. Seems like the best possible outcome all things considered. Utah took serious action, he’ll grow from it, we can move forward.


What is infinity divided by two? That’s what $500,000 vs $1,000,000 sounds like to me. $500,000 would be like Brewster’s millions.


SI’s article was good and balanced.

I like that the investigation commented that many players feel like it a “family environment”, but at the same time recognized that the coaches had a “learning curve”, because they “were not used to a lot of minority players”

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Harlan’s letter explains the earlier question of the plan in the post-Whitt era.

That’s a big hit for Scalley… time will tell if he can get this all in the rearview mirror, Whitt has a few more years, at least.


Brutal, man. Just brutal.

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At some point we have to judge people on their actions and not that one thing they said once upon a time.