Utah vs WSU Gametime Thread

Uh oh, WSU marching down the field hright now.

That wasn’t a fumble by Jordan.

Already a fumble by Jordan.

Are those fans in the stand?

What is the completion time now for the SEZ?

That was an easy TD by WSU.

When did we forget how to tackle?

Time of Possession so far: 8:00 to 2:00.

That’s…not great.

3 and out and exposing Covey to a hit like that… not great. I hate those crossing routes.

Bentley back to missing wide open receivers again. Yay.

By next season.

They still haven’t unveiled the cost for the cheap seats.

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Ludwig running on second down? No way… :wink:

Kuithe is a beast.

Allowing family for both sides. Harland said about 450 for the Utes, unknown for WSU.


How is that not targeting?

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This broadcast team sucks. Maybe let us know there’s a flag on that play?

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Bentley’s going to get these receivers killed if he keeps throwing behind them like that.


We had no penalties last week. Have had 3 or 4 this drive alone.

This looks like we’re playing the first game of the year.

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Is that 6 straight plays with a flag? Sheesh.