Utah vs. Oregon State watch party at Fiddler’s Elbow, 10/23/2021, 5:00 PM (Game time 5:30)

You’re undoubtedly aware of the effort that @RockerUte, @LAUte, @Steggys_Mixtapes, and others put into first resuscitating, and then improving/expanding the best Utah Sports Fan website; we’re now looking to further enhance our community by finding opportunities to get together socially.

Announcing a wonderful opportunity to get out for an early Saturday evening away game, enjoy the competition on TV, and meet with a some of your favorite posters on Utefans, the oldest and BEST Utah Sports Fan website.

Fidler’s Elbow is a local sports bar in the Sugar House area, behind Salt Lake Pizza and Pasta. It is a full-service restaurant and bar (see menu details at Fiddler’s Elbow). We’ve reserved the private patio at the back of the restaurant; it is an enclosed patio with heaters (expected gamed time temperatures in the low 60’s high 50’s).

This is an opportunity to associate a face with the internet handle of some of your favorite posters, wear your Utefans.net t-shirts, dress like a cowboy if you prefer, and perhaps we can get Rocker to join, allowing us to finally answer the question Can anyone spot Rocker?.

Hope to see you there.

(Please reply to this post or board mail @salUTE if you are planning to attend.)

This sounds wonderful. But with no transport these days other than Taxis (I dont have a smartfone yet, so no Uner/Lyft), and the ride from central city to SH being more than I want to pay, I’ll just have to hope for a link to watch!

Have fun, Good Luck, etc etc!


I will be there. Does anyone remember when the last UF.N event was?

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The last one I remember was a picnic where I got crushed by @hnoseguard.

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If only someone had warned you that he was headed your way…


I’d love to attend one of these events once COVID becomes less risky.

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Yes, I certainly understand your concern, I’m still not doing a lot either. Rest assured, though that there will be plenty of opportunities upcoming. We may still try to work out a tail gate for one of the4 late games this fall, depending upon interest and attendance at the game watch, and next year I’ll look into a tailgate spot for the season.


The ASU game, particularly the second half, was some of the best Utah football we’ve seen in a couple of years. Next, we’re on the road in Corvallis against an up and coming Oregon State team, in a game that suddenly seems a lot more challenging than it looked on paper at the beginning of the season.

As a reminder, Utefans.net has the Fiddler’s Elbow patio reserved for the game this Saturday evening. Come out and join with the group, watch the game, have some dinner and enjoy what will hopefully be another great Utah win.



I’ve had a bit of feedback and we have a small group that are planning to attend the Game Watch this coming Saturday.

Several indicated that they had prior commitments but are planning to join future events, and I also heard from several people who, due to COVID, are not able to attend an event like this at this time – which is certainly understandable.

In the interest of gathering information to help plan future events, I would really appreciate a post or a brief board mail with some honest feedback about what sorts of events would be most appealing – any and all feedback is not only welcome but would be sincerely appreciated. In particular, I’d like to know if a tailgate at one of the later games this season (specifically Oregon 11/20) would be of interest?

We have a great community and I know that these sorts of events were very enjoyable in the past.

And please, if you find yourself available this Saturday, even at the last minute, feel free to come by and join anytime during the game.



I will be coming to the party on Saturday at Fiddler’s Elbow, sawdust and all.


I would be coming to future events. Already had a plan for this Saturday.

Also, the tailgate idea is good. Put some faces and real names with the names.


I’ll be there.


Sounds fun! See you there.


Sending regrets, but very much looking forward to meeting all you (insert) wonderfull fans in the future. Hope y’all have fun and we pound those beavers.


We’re not maroons, we’re crimsons. :slight_smile:


Some people may not know this, because it’s such an antiquated reference, but the term “maroon” is racist. It’s a reference to a person of mixed race ancestry (black and white) by percentage of black to white ancestry, like octaroon does. Casts a different light on those old cartoons of the 1960’s.

Except I think that Bugs was just mispronouncing “moron”. That’s my take.


Oops! I am chagrined: did not know this and I appreciate the knowledge.
I was recalling Bug Bunny, but I’m happy to retract the post. Looney Tunes is probably not the best resource for materials anymore. Ever.

Comming from Boston, I know a lot of people don’t understand the origin of “Jimmies” which has nothing to do with ice cream accoutrements at all.

Thanks to everyone who posted here, or board mailed me - I sincerely appreciate the feedback. My mailbox is always open and feedback is always welcome.

I’m looking forward to seeing those of you who are planning to attend Saturday, and as several people indicated they would like to attend but had commitments for this weekend, I’ll look into setting up something for either the Arizona, or Stanford games.

Thanks again.


Thanks for doing this, Sal.