Utah vs Or State KSL Highlights

Did anyone else think Larry’s sport coat looked ugly? Looked like my Grandma’s tablecloth.

I’m happy to see the return of the ugly sports coats by coaches.


Most people’s grandmas would be insulted by that comparison.


Hey, the ugly sport coats are a throwback to the 1970’s. Pimm and his staff used to wear the ugliest matching combos EVER!!! It would be fun if Bill Walton followed suit. Can you see him and Larry doing a pregame having an ugly jacket throw down? It would be classic.

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Pimm had the weirdest taste in gameday shirts of anyone I ever saw coach, anywhere. They looked like something a lounge singer would wear. when I was an undergrad, a few of us wanted to pool our money and buy him a couple of basic high-quality cotton shirts – one white, one red-striped — and give them to him all wrapped up in a nice box. We never got up the courage to follow through, however.

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