Utah vs. Oklahoma

While I certainly hope that if both teams win, that the CFP committee will place Utah in the No. 4 position, IMO it is a close call and I am not going to be a whiney little (well little is not an accurate description) dip ■■■■ if they choose Oklahoma. I am going to go to the Rose Bowl parade and the Rose Bowl and enjoy them just as I did the Fiesta Bowl and the Sugar Bowl.

I think that’s a correct attitude.
I think we had an opportunity to beat USC and we didn’t, and now, we’ll just hope for the best.
But we have to win this game Friday, and that’s all that matters


arguing about which team is more deserving just gives you a headache. You can make a solid case for OU, Baylor and Utah.

How awesome would it be if it was an 8 team playoff and Utah and OU squared off in a quarterfinal?


The beauty pageant crap is the worst part of a great game that can determine a champion on the field, but fails to because rich bastards fight among themselves for every last penny available to be soaked up.

I want to see a great game Friday, a great win, and then as much controversy as possible so that the fans demand the next iteration of improvement to the post-season. That is all.


We need to get to 8 teams!


Worst case scenario would be LSU, OSU, Clemson, OU and UO all with blowout victories allowing the committee to conclude perfection in four team playoff. But it won’t happen!!!

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Counterpoint. If you’re at the Rose Parade and Bowl you may have to sit next to me since I go every year.

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I would be ok with that as long as you don’t start telling me how the Sugar Bowl parade has better floats and the horse poop doesn’t smell as bad.

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Sugar Bowl sucks compared to The Granddaddy of the all.

Yeah, everybody knows the Rose Bowl game is better but those SEC floats smoke all who dare to paper mache and wave in an unnatural motion.

New Orleans is great during Easter. I love the NBA so cheap seats behind the bench and great food and more local centric parade. Sugar Bowl and Mardi Gras is too annoying

I would only love it more if they made Barry Switzer suit up for the game…

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I hate to admit it but I want the Rose Bowl! Maybe we could win it all and I would always question that if we come up short but hey the Rose Bowl is the all time classic.

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I can’t argue with that.
But I don’t have bonafides like so many others here

Not me. This isn’t our last shot at the Rose bowl. But it might be our only shot for a long time at the CFP. I want to see just how good these boys are.



I bet if your team loses in the first round we’ll know what it was, “they didn’t really want to be THERE.”

Sounds ok to me.

I’m actually pretty great to sit next to. I always have snacks and calm and rational banter.