Utah vs. AZ

The game was never in question and it was another dominant performance but it felt almost like a trap game.

Too many penalties negating big plays, lack of focus and didn’t finish drives. Then there is the first half clock management decisions. Overall a chippy, sloppy game. Glad it was against a struggling team, that performance next week or assuming we win against Oregon will spell disaster.

Maybe I’m being too critical but hopefully the team is sharper next week. The Utes have a ton on the line next week and a very motivated CO team will definitely be in spoiler mode.

A few other game thoughts:

Moss: Nothing against Huntley and I get it, QBs get most of the Heisman love but Moss should definitely be included in any marketing campaign. He is arguably our best player. What a game/performance, in 3 quarters. Glad to see him get some rest!

Huntley: Either a bad route or just mis-judged his throw but terrible INT. Otherwise efficient and continues his excellent season.

WR: Hopefully BT isn’t too banged up, definitely a loss if so. Nacua clearly was more focused on other things last night, 2 holding penalties that negated a big play and a TD. Some nice catches and some key drops. Thankfully it didn’t bite us.

Kuthie: once again, get the ball in his hands. He is big and fast, a huge mis-match.

Defense: domination

O-Line: playing well, not too much of a challenge against AZ but still a few holding calls that negated big plays.

ST: one average punt, no FG, agree with the announcers, a typical Utah specialty has been less dominate this year. good enough but lots of room for improvement.

Coaching: I’d love to be able to keep Scalley and Ludwig as long as possible, you never know what their motivations are but all the praise by TV will make it harder and harder. I think Ludwig is more likely to stay, Scalley will probably get some G5 HC interest. Just my guess.

GO UTES, crush the Buffs

Granted I missed part of the first quarter but I feel like people are being overly negative about this game. It was utter dominance and from my viewpoint much of our offense and defense got turned down intentionally mid second quarter. I got the sense that Whit and Co decided they could shut AZ down just straight up.

For example, we all know that Whit is hyper conservative and also a great clock manager (in fact maybe one of the best in the game). Yet he opted to go for it at the end versus every other year where he would have used his time outs and at least taken the FG into the half. Do we really think he didn’t see the same things we were? Or was he coaching something out there, or so confident in our ability he really wasn’t at all worried about the outcome of the game?

AZ was incredibly chippy and the refs called a pretty tight (and really a pretty poor game). The Nacua “hold” that was a 50 yard differential was far from a hold, just straight up dominant blocking. I doubt the coach staff says anything to him about that.

The INT was bad but we’ve become so accustomed to no INTs we forget most QBs have at least one a game.

They’ll be ready - this team is incredibly mature and they have a path in front of them they can see. They’ll take it. They have the leadership, the skills and the coaching and most of all the discipline. This is not like other years.

Don’t read too much into a Washington team losing at Colorado. That is a team that is playing for nothing against a team with nothing to lose. We’ve got this. Play our game and we’ll be fine.


It was a very sloppy performance against a clearly inferior team. It can’t happen next Saturday.

For Colorado, they are playing to get bowl eligible. They are playing for their post-season lives. They are going to be coming in here and totally selling out for the win. We have to be ready and crush that ■■■■ early and often. We can’t let them hang around.

Next Saturday it will be time to end the Buff’s season again in the snow and muck. Let’s make the Rumble in the Rockies turn into the Wasatch Stomp.



To echo what Rocker said about UA’s chippyness, is it just me or are both Arizona schools always the most chippy teams in the PAC? I come away from watching games with them hating them more than anyone else. Buncha A-holes


You are correct. AZ schools are known for this.

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