Utah v Oregon

Jantunen with a good three. Thioune with a fun block earlier. Who is watching with me?

Full court press is bull ■■■■.

Sitting at the game Jones 3 before the shot clock violation was impressive

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That was from Curry range.

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Allen is off right now.

Battin continues to get on my nerves. Can’t shoot consistently and can’t d.

He’s been fine. Not great. I love what I see from Jantunen.

Holy ■■■■ gach just teleported down the court.

Definitely like Jan.

Yup…just doesn’t seem to have the touch right now.

Utah just doesn’t have the horses. In order to beat a athletically superior team, one has to play a better, more sound fundamentals, and be able to knock down open shots. We need to improve in those areas.

Specifically the shooting.

Also, this:

So did nobody tell plummer that he was supposed to foul Prichard in the back court?!?

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Dunno. But wow how that happened is beyond me.

Love Jan’s effort.

Pritchard leading with the nose. Is that targeting?

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Battin is such a liability on defense against a quick team. He has to off-set it with good shooting, which has not happen.

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You seem to be focused on one guy. Classic bully mentality.


I like this team. Good close fought battle. Man, we could be a toruney team.

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