Utah Set For Ranked Battle Against Arizona State Saturday - University of

Hope we play well and dominate (just like the last game).
Don’t like ASU. Although, I can’t say I hate their coach anymore…

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Every season they play their best football against the Utes. I don’t know that it’s always a matchup issue for the two teams, they just seem to have their best effort against the Utes each season.


This is like the New Mexico of the PAC-12 with Utah. Makes no sense why they are in the game or win, but they find a way to do so.


Bigger question would you take Utah giving 13.5

Herm was on Sirius ESPNU this morning. Edwards is a hard guy to not like. But his team will be hard to beat the spread. I knew Kyle’s dad when he was at Cal Poly after a fun few seasons at BYU. Fred’s time in Provo would make a great movie.

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