Utah QB Tyler Huntley's Personal Pro Day Numbers Were Better Than Any

Utah QB Tyler Huntley's Personal Pro Day Numbers Were Better Than Any Quarterback At NFL Combine - KSL Sports?

How does a guy in Tyler’s situation now get a team to notice him?

I don’t know he will get drafted, but I could definitely see him getting signed as a UFA.

I love the guy. Wish him well.

43” vertical? Seriously?

I played a lot of basketball with football players, back in the day. Our QBs weren’t athletic - Scott Mitchell and Mike Richmond - but they had the fine motor skills to shoot, and they were deadly from long range.

The DBs and WRs were athletic, but they couldn’t shoot the ball.

Snoop is a QB, and I think he could make a roster as a Teddy Bridgewater type of QB, but…

…he might be in the wrong sport.

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He is an athletic freak and someone better pick him up. At least give him a chance but everything is so discombobulated right now it might be tough.

I feel bad for all the kids who missed getting an official pro day.

Weird KSL reported this when Taysom Hill is already in the NFL.

Sarcasm aside, great to hear his stock rise. Hope its onward and upward for him.

I would think he would at the very least be given a shot at a different position.

Judging by his pro day numbers, if Whitt had done the Whitt thing and turned him into a safety, he probably would have done very well!

That’s Darrell Griffith territory.

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If he doesn’t catch on in the NFL I think he could be a star in the CFL. He is pretty much the type of QB who does well in the 3 down league.

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