Utah NIL News

This was launched with the approval of the Utah Athletic Department and others. Seems to have some solid backing:

Sometimes getting things right takes time.

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They are a 503c, which is good, but looks too football focused.

That’s not a bad thing.

Gymnastics has its own collective, run by the who’s who of gymnastics.

Trying to have a one size fits all isn’t always best. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if the gymnastics collective is the model for this one (and future ones)

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This is true. The Red Rocks set the standard on this for the U. last summer I attended a Crimson Club presentation and they showed that the Red Rocks were way down the road with this while the rest of the department seemed to be fumbling along with promises of, “In the next few months”. Glad to see football catching up and maybe the other sports will too.

Utah has a pretty good Mt Rushmore of former basketball players that you think might be a big draw.


Another good thing: Dillon Brooks did not go to Utah - he’s from Oregon.

(I think any good NIL effort for hoops should point that out for the foreseeable future.)


This is Matt Garff’s collective. I’m well acquainted with a few of the people involved and they seem to be cautiously optimistic about its development. Hopefully, it pans out!