Utah Newspapers

Being the cheapskate that I am, I have not spent money on my local papers for years. I would look at the DNews for a while and then get disgusted and stop for several weeks because it is mostly an expanded version of the LDS Church News with little real reporting. That has changed with Covid-19 and I purchased on-line subscriptions to my local newspapers; the SLTrib and the San Diego Union-Tribune. I would encourage everyone who has the financial ability to financially support these newspapers by purchasing a subscription to do so.

I agree. We need to buy subscriptions to the Trib. I’m sad to see how small it is now. I used to love the Outdoors section every Tuesday. It was a bad day when they did away with that.

Tribune is pretty much on life-support right now. I still subscribe but fear it may not be around much longer

I wonder what happened to the reporting at the DNews. They used to employ actual reporters who investigated stories, etc. If they still do that it’s no longer obvious. They seem to just pick up some AP stories and give updates on Taysom Hill now that the spotlight on Jimmer is dimmer. They would love nothing more than if the Trib stopped operating. I can’t imagine what happens if the Trib goes under.

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We still subscribe to the Trib’s print edition and online access. In no small part it’s because we think having that alternative voice to the DNews is vital in Utah. For those that haven’t been reading Andy Larsen’s COVID series of stories, you’re missing good stuff. He is too good to stay just in the Sports section. Possibly too good to stay in the SL market.

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