Utah LB Francis Bernard could be a high NFL Draft pick | PFN

He is having the kind of season, and based on past performances, that make a strong case for getting drafted high. I hope it happens for the kid.


I wasn’t super impressed with his performance last season when he played. This year however he has dramatically improved. Plays with a lot of heart, energy and is a real leader on the D. I was expecting a bit of a decline in LB this year but so far that really hasn’t been the case.

Also happy for Francis that by all accounts he’s been a model citizen and a great leader for us. Keeping other guys on task. Knowing the drill. Have to share some of that credit with the team as a whole and coaching stuff. A good team culture can go a long way. He’s a part of adding to that now.

Now I’d be even happier to see him lay some solid hits in UW’s backfield Saturday… looking forward to it.

Not to shoehorn this, but if there is one thing I’ve learned about CougarBoard is they hate a good redemption story. Bernard has definitely filled some big shoes with Chase Hansen and Cody Barton, not to mention all that you’ve noted with team leadership and his own life. I’d love to see him get a shot at the next level.

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I feel like pretty much our entire defense this year is gonna get a shot at the next level. I can’t think of a single starter that shouldn’t. That’s the crazy thing. Who would have thought back in spring ball that Devin Lloyd would ball out like he has? Its a solid group.