Utah in the NIT, 2024

Not sure… Does NIT bother with 3rd place game?


I think it was discontinued in 1995. Utah played in the 1992 third-place game and beat Florida.

Well, so long to Branden, who has been a great Ute. Let’s all hope the Utes hang on to Deivon, Keba develops, Exacte comes back healthy, and Smith has lots of success in the portal. We don’t want to start playing in the Big12 with the same talent level and depth we had this season.


I hope that Madsen comes back too.


I am absolutely gonna remember the Iowa game for multiple reason: us whooping their ■■■ but good; having a great time getting to know salUTE, and then doing a SPECTACULAR HEADER/FACEPLANT coming down the stairs leading out the NW entrance toward the Garage/Soccer field building.

salUTE can attest it was truly miraculous I avoided a massive face/head injury… Eveyrone waling out with us was collectively agog. At 6’6" 320 lbs I make ONE HELL OF A spectacle when I truly fall in uncontrolled fashion.

10 days laterish, and I’m still dealing with the severe muscular injury via referred trauma up the the arms (which are what saved me from a skull fracture) - the intercostal muscles on the Left upper anterior rib cage are painful enough I have dug out the Lidocaine patches the Ortho guys gave me after my last knee replacement. Tylenol alone aint cutting it, and I have nothing really stronger. I have also been experimenting with making various forms of hot coffee drinks laced with Rum, Vodka, Amaretto, Kahlua, Hot Damn, or coconut rum… or a combination thereof. For a while I was concerned about a hairline rib fracture, but that seems to be ruled out now.

Edited: it was the Iowa game I fell after. VCU was the poor victim of a spectacular fall in that game, not me :face_with_hand_over_mouth::grin:


Reilly and Mooney talked a little in the postgame, mentioned BC and Bajema are the only 100% known departures, NIL and the portal means nothing else is certain, etc.

But the word on Exacte apparently seems good and maybe a little firmer. He really needs to not lift weights, IMO. It’s one thing to look good in a t-shirt, but he’s he’s just too big for hoops, needs to slim down to 230. (My take). He weighs more than Keita(!)

They mentioned Deivon has said he really likes it at Utah. He’ll probably get a pre-draft assessment, no reason not to. NIL offers will be coming, no question.

Deivon, Gabe, Exacte, Keita, Lawson, Ben(?) - that would be a good base of culture from this years team, then add talent and build. We’ll see.

Deivon is the foundation on talent. Maybe a solid enough NIL deal makes another year his prep for the NBA final year?

Hope so.


Of course. I forgot to mention him.


Deivon is this team’s Delon Wright clone

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Hope your’e doing better today.