Utah hoops tonight. Home vs USC

(filling in for @Ute_In_Texas)

Game is at 6:00 PM mountain time on ESPN2 network.

Original Vegas line had USC by 7. I have a feeling the Utes might surprise everyone in this game, with some extra motivation after Thursday’s loss.

I’ll be watching. GO UTES!

Is Jantunen available tonight?

I haven’t found any source that indicates one way or the other. The DNews shows he has been quarantining since Friday the 19th, and Coach K is hopeful he will play, but not certain…

Well done!

put in Jason Washburn, we’ve sort of reverted back to those early LK teams

We play better when Walton calls our games. This is a good omen.

I always find it interesting that Walton gushes so much about Larry. I keep trying to see what he sees.

Not so bad being down 2 at half, until you think about how bad USC is playing.

Not looking good for Jones’ shoulder. He’s got a high threshold of pain and he looked like he hurt a lot.

We are being forced to watch Bill Walton yammer incoherently about a poster he made showing us photos of various individuals from the past of Utah basketball. Why?

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So we don’t have to watch the collapse. This is the worst part.

Because supposedly he is a “national treasure”

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Rather than talk about the Utah success, Bill Walton and the other guy broadcasting the game are talking about how USC might recover somehow from this loss.


Up 10 with a minute left. Normally I would feel good about this, but…

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Great game. I guess we spoiled their title hopes. I can live with that


Wow. Enfield empties the bench with a minute left in a 10 point game. Weird.


You called it. Well done.

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I didnt recognize these second half Utes

Spoiling USC’s anything is always a great thing.


They looked like a completely different team tonight. It certainly helped that they had Jantunen back. I hope Jones’ injury is not serious.

Nice win over a ranked team, although I did not think that USC looked or played like a top 20 team tonight.


So the “Championship” aka Dr Jekyll team showed up today.

Ok, they got their looks to drop and did a better job fronting their guys when on defense. Maybe getting Jantunen back got them to pick up the effort. A win is a win. I don’t expect much out of them in Vegas.


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