Utah hoops post mortem

Larry’s first true road games each season

2019-2020 Coastal Carolina Utah lost by 22
2018-2019 lost @ Minnesota by 9
2017-2018 lost @ Butler by 12
2016-2017 lost @ Xavier by 8
2015-2016 lost @ Wichita St by 17
2014-2015 lost @ SDSU by 4
2013-2014 lost @ Boise St by 2
2012-2013 lost @ SMU by 7
2011-2012 lost @ Boise St by 21

At least we’re seeing consistency

Yeah, but wait until he gets “his guys” in the system. :grinning:

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That is pretty amazing. Granted there are some solid teams in there… but some dogs too.

“when I played high school basketball” (you gotta love when someone starts out a conversation with that), I just remember how difficult it was to shoot in a new gym for the first time.

I’m not sure it would have mattered much last Saturday, but it sure was a disadvantage for Utah to have been home for a couple of months only shooting in the Huntsman Center and practice facility. I think Utah would have shot a little better if it were a normal year and they would have had a couple of games away from home.

As for rebounding, I got nothing.