Utah Football Schedule - Rumors

John Canzano thinks the PAC-12 will “protect” their conference champion contenders: Oregon, UW, Cal, Utah, ASU and USC. He thinks that they will not play each other in cross divisional games to help them get as many wins as possible in the hopes that a north and south team end up undefeated for a playoff bearth.

He has all six getting home games for their cross over game and Utah playing WSU.

I’d be ok with that, although WSU’s strength, passing, would be going against our brand new secondary.

I think I’d rather play Oregon State though.

We know that USC will get either Cal or Stanford and UCLA will get the other one.

So, we’d get Oregon State or WSU.

I’m gonna get more excited as we get closer. Right now, I’m still bugged that we are starting so late and that we have no flexibility if we need to postpone a game.

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My conspiracy is that USC and Oregon won’t have to go on the road to cold weather destinations.

I know USC was supposed to come to SLC this year but with all the upheaval I can see them only going on the road to Arizona and the Bay Area.

Scott and Harlan already stated that the existing in-division scheduling will continue. Utah gets USC and Ariz. at home and will be visiting UCLA, CU and ASU.


I like those odds

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This would presumably mean that our other home game would be against a north team who plays 3 our of their 5 in-division games at home

Is there an announced release date for the schedule?

“This week”

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So, going off the 10 game schedule that was released earlier, these teams have three home games vs their division:

AZ, Colorado, UCLA, California, Oregon State, Washington State

These teams have two homes games vs their division:

ASU, Utah, USC, Stanford, Oregon, Washington.

That means Utah will play either California (NOPE, because Stanford and Cal will play USC/UCLA), Oregon State or Washington State.

That is AWESOME.

Our toughest game is USC at home and ASU on the road. We should be 4-2 at worst at the end of the year, and I’m not as scared of ASU as most Utah fans are.

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Screw that our worst option will be 6-0 with a chance to go 7-0! WE’RE GETTING 15 SACKS PER GAME BITCHES!



I like the way you think.


Just got this in my Jon Wilner e-mail:

The 2020 Football Schedule: Opportunities Abound

The Hotline has long believed that schedule reveals, if handled properly, can be big deals — opportunities for the Pac-12 to promote teams and players, engage fans and generate headlines.

This season, that goes quadruple.

The Pac-12 will disclose version 3.0 of the 2020 football schedule sometime this week.

We know the seven-game season starts on the weekend of Nov. 6-7 and ends on the weekend of Dec. 18-19.

We know there will be games on Fridays (but not Thursdays) and that the Saturday kickoff times will be released, as usual, six or 12 days in advance.

We know the intrigue resides with the one crossover matchup.

Here’s what we don’t know:

Exactly when the schedule will be released and whether the conference will treat the matter like an event to be promoted.

(The Hotline has argued in the past for the unveiling to occur in early December of the previous year as part of a week-long Pac-12 PR blitz.)

However the Pac-12, ESPN and Fox settle on the broadcast windows, the conference would be well served by pushing for early and late start times.

Fans are prohibited, so kickoffs at 9 a.m. PT/10 a.m. MT won’t inconvenience ticket holders who live hours from the stadium and/or enjoy the tailgating experience.

We suggested the early kickoffs in June ’19 because of the opportunity for national exposure. In particular, the Big Noon Kickoff on the FOX broadcast network gives the conference access to an audience it wouldn’t otherwise reach.

Because stadium capacity will be limited across the country, there will be tens of thousands of additional sets of eyeballs available for the Big Noon game.

The other end of the broadcast spectrum — the 7 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. PT windows — is equally appealing for the conference without the worry of inconveniencing fans.

Never has #Pac12AfterDark been more valuable than it is this season.

Throughout September, fans and media have bemoaned the absence of night kickoffs on the west coast. Once the late afternoon games conclude, there’s nothing to watch.

Our assumption is that ratings for #Pac12AfterDark will jump in 2020 compared to previous years.

Absence makes the college football fix grow stronger, after all.

Naturally, there will be an assortment of Pac-12 games with afternoon kickoffs and, we assume, a bevy of matchups on the Pac-12 Networks.

But given the unprecedented course of the season, the thirst for Pac-12 games and the options made more manageable without fans, the conference needs to maximize its opportunities.

That process should start with the schedule reveal this week and continue for seven Saturdays, from 9 a.m. all the way through #Pac12AfterDark. — Jon Wilner

found this stat interesting. Four weeks into the season, home teams are winning only 59.5% of their games (47-32).

I wonder on the home teams stat, is the better team winning? Is it because there aren’t any OOC games allowing mediocre teams to schedule home games vs even more mediocre teams?

schedule comes out tomorrow