Utah Football Rewind - Week 11 - GAME DAY!

It’s game day and and The Week 11 votes are in!

This weeks winner: #19 Utah vs UCLA 2016!!!

Game stream will start at 6:00pm MT TODAY (11/14) and is linked below!


check list:

  • brats to be boiled in beer then grilled
  • sweet onions to be sautéed/caramelized
  • large country French buns to be toasted
  • chips and onion/sour cream chip dip
  • sauerkraut
  • spicy brown mustard
  • pilsner beer

start preparing/cooking at 5:00, game at 6:00.

Thanks @UteStuckInSeattle, this is the next best thing to an actual Ute game tv evening!


Sounds delicious!

Go brats and GO UTES!!!

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