Utah football off season boredom

Fun stats to remind me that I’m an idiot for wanting to can Harding.

Nice to know you’re self-aware and have a good sense of humor. :slight_smile:

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The performance would have been even better if you could factor out the games with Brewer at QB. Rising was much better at turning a broken play into positive yardage.


Games 2 & 3 were seriously ugly, up front.

I look at it this way - we got an unpleasant education in how complicated an offensive scheme is, and how underappreciated the OL play is when it’s working well.

By the time we got to the USS Salt Lake City game, our OL was simply beautiful. Negating Thibbedeaux reminded me of when Dustin Hensel pitched a shutout against Jerry Hughes of TCU (who is still playing in the league!)