Utah Football 2024

We always has a top notch defense. In the past (and last season) it was the offense where the big question marks were raised.

There won’t be too many of those this season. Next season might be the adventure.


Just a little bit of catnip for early July…

Utah football: Who will be Utah’s QB2 as Utes begin Big 12 era? – Deseret News


There has never been a better time than right now to be part of the Big 12.

Only because the PAC doesn’t exist anymore and we weren’t invited to the SEC or the BIG


When was there a better time to be part of the Big 12?

Before 2023. Texas and Oklahoma were still in and UCF, Cincy, and byu were not in.


That makes a lot of sense. Their conference commissioner is a liar.
We should call him out.

I have no idea what you mean by that. But carry on.


That quote I added above the link to the espn.com article is from the Big 12 commissioner on media day. He was trying to pull the wool over our eyes, but a fan of teen comedy saw through his lies and made me see the truth.

Who was that? Sounds like an astute person.


You have bested me once again, sir. I sit dejected having tried to simply put a positive spin on our conference situation. You and others on this forum simply won’t stand for it. We’re destined for better things is the mantra.

We might be in this conference for a number of decades, son, or a conference even less prestigious in the future. I say we enjoy the moment.

JFC, your shtick is tired.


my schtick is who i am. you think death metal ain’t tired, son?
i post an article and some captain-gotta-defend-the-mantra has to point out we’re not in the best possible position. Then, y’all fall over each other to red star their post. That’s the schtick that’s tired, Mr. tacky side of 80s rebellion music.

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Maybe the Big 12 will add FSU and Clemson, and snag the best of the ACC leftovers, make a pitch to condense the landscape into a P3 while prompting another round of expansion of the P2 into super-leagues.

Nothing would surprise me, anymore.

In that scenario, adding Cal and Stanford, along with the Beavs and Wazzu makes sense. I would rather take UNM over SMU, though. Do it for Saul Goodman,

Everyone’s a Lobo, woof, woof, woof!

If anyone feels badly about Utah having exit flexibility, disabuse yourself of that thought:


You got banned from the other site for being an insufferable douche, so you just brought the whole act here instead.

Lucky us. /s


What is it that I have done to you or anyone else?

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We get another crack at the Rose Bowl…err… sort of.

Road game at UCLA next year, they come back to RES in ‘26.


So now they are looking for “After Parting Gifts?” :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Looks like an opportunity for two wins over a name.


You act like every thread is a personal conversation with you. Every other post is you commenting. Plus the other stuff, like regurgitating headlines, news, etc. which is excessive - we don’t need a compilation of D3 football. You say ‘your team’, ‘your conference’ way more often than ‘our …’.

All, just ignore tired arms and although every other post is hidden, if no one replies, we can still have a normal conversation with various viewpoints.


I understand what you are saying. Thank you for describing it. That is fundamentally how my brain is organized, how I interact with the outside world, how I speak, regurgitate facts, etc. I am not certain how to change it. I assumed that is how all of you were organized as well. But, I understand why it is frustrating for everyone. It’s certainly frustrating for me.

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